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Michael J. Martin D.C.

Meet Your DoctorS

Dr. Mike Martin

Dr. Mike was born and raised in Dundalk, MD, and graduated from Patapsco High School.  Dr. Mike went on to Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, GA.  It is emphasized there that health flows from above down, inside out. The body has a natural ability to heal itself, as long as you remove any interference to that process.  Following graduation in 1986, the doc practiced as an associate with Dr. Sharon Gorman for one year.  Graduating  was far from Dr. Mike's start with chiropractic. Growing up in chiropractic, he had the privilege of living the philosophy throughout his life. 

In March of 1988 Dr. Mike opened ADIO Chiropractic, his dream practice.  With his family and team by his side, he dedicates his life to improving the health and lives of our community.

As a father of 2, Dr. Mike weekly makes time ,albeit 20 hours per week for his own exercise training as a major competitor in endurance races. Applying his philosophy in practice in his physical training, Dr. Mike is continually living his dream. Surrounding himself with family and friends that continually support and uplift him has always been a secret to adding to his joy and success. A true master of philosophy in practice.


LIFE Chiropractic College

Associations & Memberships

Maryland Board Certified

Member of the Maryland Chiropractic Association

Adviser and Accountability Coach for TLC Superteams

Dr. Jason Walp

Joining our team in January of 2017, Dr. Jason is a highly qualified, dynamic and proficient chiropractor.  Born and raised in Dundalk, Dr. Jason is a graduate of Dundalk High School.  He then went on to graduate from Life University School of Chiropractic in 1998.  He practiced in Atlanta, GA from 1998 to 2003, before returning to Maryland.  Dr. Jason was the treatment director of Living Wellness from 2003 to 2006 which prepared him to open his own practice in Parkville.


Dr. Mike and Dr. Jason share in all aspect of the practice, most importantly patient care.  Every patient has the benefit of two very skillful Chiropractors!

Meet Our Team

             Our team is our family.  They specialize in making you feel like you are home.  They provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere that is unlike any health facility you will visit. They are committed to promoting health in our community through teaching, serving and accountability.  They arrive early and give 110% in every task.  You will always hear laughter and it is contagious!! 

Lisa Martin


Dr. Mike's wife and clinical CA.  Lisa is an RN but retired her nursing shoes in 1995 to manage the business and raise their 2 children, Hannah (now 24) and Luke (now 21).  Both kids have been getting adjusted since birth.  She is so passionate about chiropractic and is a great advocate for teaching young people the importance of chiropractic adjustments.  

Mary Martin


Dr. Mike's mom worked in the practice for 25 years (since day 1).  It took a  very special bond for them to pull that off!!  She is amazing and truly loved by all of the patients.  Mary has been getting adjusted for over 50 years and is happy to share her wealth of knowledge with anyone interested. Now retired, she retains her place on our website!


Gail Mathes

Dr. Mike's sister-in-law and financial CA.  She is the most organized and diligent member of our team.  You will never find something unfinished at the end of a work day.  Gail has been working with us for over 25 years and her role has changed several times.  No job is too difficult, and her willingness to participate in all that is asked is a dream come true for any employer.  Gail can answer all of your insurance questions! Just call the office at (410) 288-1800


Pammy Waltz


Pam is our “New Girl”—Certified Tech CA and billing specialist. Pammy has been working with Chiropractors for 18 years. We are thankful she chose to join our family, serving this community where she was born and raised. Pammy is fun and energetic providing us with lots of laughs.


Karin Johnson

is a fantastic front desk CA.  She will most likely be the first person you talk to and see.  Karin's entire family are lifetime chiropractic patients. When our growing practice needed more help, Karin jumped on board.  She has been working with us for 19 years and has become part of our family.  She is committed to the success of your care by managing your appointment calendar.