ADIO Chiropractic

Michael J. Martin D.C.

Charlie W

"There are some things that Dr. Mike CAN'T fix. Nine out of ten times, they have to call me because I forget appointments. He can't fix my brain. I'll tell you what he can fix...your back and wellness. When I started with ADIO and Dr. Mike 8 or so years ago, my back was always stiff with chronic low level pain due to scoliosis and I thought of chiropractic as "sophisticated knuckle cracking". I found out in a very short time that I was wrong. My first x-ray showed a pronounced curvature to the right in my lower back. One year (and a lot less pain) later a second x-ray showed that the curvature was substantially straighter! A picture is worth a thousand words. Not only that, but Dr. Mike over the years has given me priceless advice about various health and fitness questions. When it comes to the body, Dr. Mike is my gold standard. Thanks, Bro!"

Would you recommend Chiropractic to a friend?

"Yes. No matter what your preconceived notions about chiropractic may be, you should give it a try. What do you have to lose except PAIN!"