ADIO Chiropractic

Michael J. Martin D.C.

Debi S.

 I became a patient of Dr Mike a few years ago and was at that time quite skeptical. It took my sister and girlfriend a long long time to convince me to give it a try. Finally, I was in so much pain, and had seen so many specialists, I didn't see any other option. Within a few visits I was starting to improve and had hope for the future. A short time later I was feeling well and back to work with very little pain. Now I feel great. I carry my tension in my neck and so regular adjustments allow me to remain pain free. I definitely notice a difference when I have missed a visit, and by the 2nd missed visit I am praying for Dr Mike to get back from his vacation. And as soon as I see Dr Mike, my pain is immediately relieved by his adjustment, and I leave the office pain free. It's amazing. I don't know what I would do without Adio Chiropractic. I tell him all the time that he's not allowed to retire, ever, lol. Dr Mike is a God send! Thank you!!