ADIO Chiropractic

Michael J. Martin D.C.

Jarrod W.

How have your health issues improved since you began chiropractic care?: 

Our latest journey with chiropractic began on February 18, 2015. All three of our children are regularly adjusted at ADIO since they were born. We brought our youngest son in for his first adjustment his 2nd day of life. He was struggling with latching while breastfeeding and opening his mouth in general. The adjustment helped his body work better right away and breastfeeding became possible. Over the past year his adjustments have helped deal with his chronic low tone, constipation, reflux, ear health and overall wellness. He has never had an ear infection, which is a rarity for children with down syndrome, and hasn't been sick. We were already firm believers in chiropractic with typically developing kiddos and now we are huge fans of chiropractic for kids of all ages. Thanks Dr. Mike

Would you recommend chiropractic care to others. If so, why?:

Absolutely. We are so thrilled with our sons development. He is meeting every milestone and thriving.