ADIO Chiropractic

Michael J. Martin D.C.

Jarrod W.

How have your health issues improved since you began chiropractic care?: 

Our latest journey with chiropractic began on February 18, 2015. All three of our children are regularly adjusted at ADIO since they were born. We brought our youngest son in for his first adjustment his 2nd day of life. He was struggling with latching while breastfeeding and opening his mouth in general. The adjustment helped his body work better right away and breastfeeding became possible. Over the past year his adjustments have helped deal with his chronic low tone, constipation, reflux, ear health and overall wellness. He has never had an ear infection, which is a rarity for children with down syndrome, and hasn't been sick. We were already firm believers in chiropractic with typically developing kiddos and now we are huge fans of chiropractic for kids of all ages. Thanks Dr. Mike

Would you recommend chiropractic care to others. If so, why?:

Absolutely. We are so thrilled with our sons development. He is meeting every milestone and thriving.


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Joanne F

He is the only one whoever took a picture of my spine. I have been going to chiropractors since I was a little girl. His professional attitude / his wittiness relaxes you and I enjoy seeing him every month. His employees are very pleasant and they always welcome you with a smile.

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Charlie W

- "When it comes to the body, Dr. Mike is my gold standard."


"There are some things that Dr. Mike CAN'T fix. Nine out of ten times, they have to call me because I forget appointments. He can't fix my brain. I'll tell you what he can fix...your back and wellness. When I started with ADIO and Dr. Mike 8 or so years ago, my back was always stiff with chronic low level pain due to scoliosis and I thought of chiropractic as "sophisticated knuckle cracking". I found out in a very short time that I was wrong. My first x-ray showed a pronounced curvature to the right in my lower back. One year (and a lot less pain) later a second x-ray showed that the curvature was substantially straighter! A picture is worth a thousand words. Not only that, but Dr. Mike over the years has given me priceless advice about various health and fitness questions. When it comes to the body, Dr. Mike is my gold standard. Thanks, Bro!
Would you recommend Chiropractic to a friend?

Yes. No matter what your preconceived notions about chiropractic may be, you should give it a try. What do you have to lose except PAIN!"


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Neal M

A bunch of things that have bothered me for quite some time have seemed to simply go away! My general posture has improved and I look forward to my visits, which are now decreasing in frequency.

Would you recommend chiropractic care to others?

YES! I have recommended this facility to many people since I have started. The office staff, Nurse Lisa, and Doctor Mike are simply great people and impeccable Professionals !

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Tony L.

I didn't become a patient of Dr. Mike's to correct a problem. I became a patient because my wife Ruthie, suggested it to me as a proactive way to keep my spine properly aligned and in doing so live a healthier life. After consulting with Dr. Mike and his staff I bought into their philosophy that a healthy spine enables your body to maximize its potential. Today I no longer suffer with the allergies/hay fever that had been part of my life since my days as a grade schooler. And that also leads to more restful sleep. I also contract colds and other illnesses far less frequently than my peers.

It's not about correcting an aching back. It's about being the best you can be and Adio helps me to do exactly that!

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Tammy and Kyle

My son Kyle was born with severe physical disabilities. During his infant life, I was informed by medical specialists that by adulthood, he would be wheel chair bound. At age 12, he developed scoliosis and that is when we began chiropractic care together with Dr. Mike. He is now 25 years old and walks independently and seldom even gets a cold.

I would recommend Dr. Mike because he is a great blessing in our lives, and is a dedicated professional. Dr. Mike is our friend.

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John M.

When I came to DR. mike I was in real bad shape I had problems getting out of bed it was hard to do everyday things like driving or event sitting and in less then 3 months I am feeling like I was never hurt . I seen another DR before I came here and he told me that surgery was my only option I went to DR MIKE and no surgery was needed ..if you have any back pain or any body aches please take my advise and go see him it will be the best decision you will ever make I promise ..

I tell everyone that I come in contact with if they ever have any aches or pains go see DR MIKE

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Mary M.

   I have been getting adjusted for most of my life. Dr. Mike and his entire team are like family to me. They make me feel so welcome and loved. Chiropractic is more than pain management for me. I am very healthy, and can't imagine what my life would be like without getting adjusted. Fortunately, I will never know. Everyone should get checked for subluxations.

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Beverly S.

I was in an auto accident and had low back pain for over a month.  I started getting adjusted and my back pain went away.  I have been getting adjusted every month since then.  I don't get sick as frequently as I used to, and I am not on any medications.  I recommend Dr. Mike and chiropractic to everyone.  You can avoid unnecessary surgeries.

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Sean P.

    I have been coming for care with my parents since I was about 8 years old, over 20 years now.  I was very active with sports and I would occasionally hurt myself or get out of allignment.  I have been healthier, I don't get sick as much or often at all.  I have never had major bouts of spinal issues.  I would and have recommended chiropractic care to others because I am a proponent of treating the cause, not the symptoms and there is an underlying cause to pain. 

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